January 2014 Meeting Highlights

We welcomed into Post membership the following:

  • Stanley Alex, US Army – Vietnam
  • Viol Hirsch, US Army – WWII, Korea
  • Ernest Schaer, US Army WWII
  • Michael Taglialavore, US Navy – Desert Storm
  • Ryan Miller, US Army – Gulf War

We reported that the Post presented their 98th Eagle Scout award to Spencer Davis, BSA Troop 7 in Mukilteo.
The Post Honor Guard was commended for having presented 57 Full Military Honors in 2013. Good job!
The Post door prize drawings were:

  • $25 – Gina Domingo-Quebral, however she wasn’t present so lost it.
  • $25 – Virgil Prodigalidad, he also lost it since he wasn’t present.
  • Lou Pirone was picked for the nightly door prize that was a Life Membership for the VFW National Home and since he was already a Life member he graciously awarded it to Richard Clark. Nice gesture on Lou’s part.
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